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Company Introduction

GM Seafood公司是一家成立于1979年的新鲜海鲜产品公司。我们的工厂位于MOUNT AUSTIN。

在GM Seafood,我们专门提供新鲜的海鲜产品。我们的最首要任务就是为大家提供新鲜,优质,价格优惠的海鲜。我们保证,我们的海鲜是最便宜且新鲜的。



GM Seafood is a fresh seafood company established in the year 1979. Our factory is located in MOUNT AUSTIN.

In GM Seafood, we are specialized in providing fresh seafood. Our main priority is to provide everyone with fresh, high-quality, cheap seafood. We guarantee that our seafood is cheap, fresh. And most importantly, if any dissatisfied we included back and forth.

Our team is trained in handling seafood to ensure that the seafood is in top condition before being delivered to customers. The company also provides delivery services, so that customers in other parts of West Malaysia and Singapore can buy fresh seafood from the company.

For more details, please contact us and we will have professional customer service staff to answer your questions.

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